I saw an interview with Joe Biden today I liked it a lot.

There’s a comfort in this guy its like he’s just coming into his own. The mistakes have been made , the lessons have been learned.

Sometimes maturity comes later in life and don’t some of us know that one.

He was loose and totally at ease in his skin. The woman interviewing him was just so happy to be there.

Joe is a sincere caring man he’s like a Truman and a Johnson mix and we all know old school rocks…

PAUL AND MICK AND BRUCE…bigger than ever.

She asked him about running for PRESIDENT…I had just had the thought earlier and here it was in a visual right in front of me.

Joe Biden looked like a President.

He just felt safe…if you know what I mean…..

I wrote about my “Joe Biden like” comment  on Face Book and there was a quick Timeline response thread. I use these quick FB response threads in combination with a SIMILAR Twitter comment and other web responses plus this blog to gauge what an overall picture of how much bullshit happens between the truth in the news and the”corpo-speak”mainstream media propaganda skew…

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