tumblr_lhe0efyoh51qzrblzo1_1280The 1% who now own the United States seem to be intent on destroying what they own. This in itself would appear to be counter productive and self-destructive.

If you own your own home it stands to reason that you would want make it more worthwhile with many home improvements. Employ many skilled workers to industriously put much more value on it.

This is not what’s happening to the mega trillion-dollar real estate property the richest 1%  have recently bought namely the USA.

Where, despite a Liberal Senate majority, the 1% and their political allies are still able to cripple many needed government regulations in such a way that disaster after environmental disaster takes place ….

“We need The Homeland Security Agency to protect us from our own Homeland.”

Contaminated Gulfs, Radio active oceans, Coal oil leaked poisoned rivers, Texas refinery explosions, natural disasters like ice storms and sea storm surges with insufficient response, cutting of food for already undernourished children, bank and Wall street fraud , State revenge traffic closures, lack of abortion clinics and women’s assistance programs, cutting of fire rescue and police response.

Is the 1% intent on bringing major life threatening disorganized chaos to the American people?

What is the true purpose of deregulation?

It is to maximize corporate profits at the expense of the safety and security of the people.

To treat manufacturing and industrial production in a Godlike way and to attempt to usurp the rights of  all average American’s needs. To destroy any organized opposition  that might stand in the way of their juggernaut which is  their total domination of society.

Yes these words might sound like the words of a paranoid Socialist extremist…and for those of you in the NSA reading this…they are!! 

But unlike TED NUGENT… the Progressive Left will not resort to bullets when the revolution comes..they will resort to the biggest peaceful crowds this country has ever seen. Ted will not be able to shoot them all…and they will just keep coming because they’ll have had enough…


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