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Let’s face it ..we are at war in the United States!

It is a war against big business corruption..and it is a war against Fox misinformation.

The enemy of the people is big business..the enemy of the people is Fox News..its a fight we cannot afford to lose.

The Koch Brothers epitomize the big business angle along with the oil companies who are about to rip us all a new one with increased oil prices.

Fox News epitomizes the despicable misinformation and untruths that any coming dictatorship needs to sustain itself    And who owns Fox?   An Australian with a Saudi partner…so very American of them! On the Australian owned Fox News front  Fox reporters are hard at worked daily proclaiming hard-working teachers, police, firemen, sanitary workers, school children , grandmas and other union members as Communist thugs, drug addicts and hippies!….And they did this on the FOX AUSTRALIAN /SAUDI NETWORK ..while their reporters also ALTER actual Gallup polls and USA polls to…

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