It’s clear now thru the various multi-media resources at our disposal that we don’t have any privacy anymore.

There is a “bigger brother” than even Orwell envisioned.

So as I write this , and as whom so ever reads it,  just know we are both being put in the NSA megadata bank somewhere in Washington.

Do I give a shit personally?…..No…

Right now at this moment I want them to know what I think and how I feel about everything.


I have nothing to hide apart from my fetish for looking at attractive intelligent women in high heel stilettos. But that’s another story we may explore later.

The present Centrist US governments are seemingly keeping some kind of a lid on this whole surveillance thing..It appears that way but maybe that’s not true and that can be pretty scary for most people.

However in the hands of any of the current crop of right wing extremist dictatorial one party minded REPUBLICAN candidates for President the information the NSA has  stored already would put all of us Progressives in internment camps. I would be deported to Birmingham England which is like Dante’s Inferno with as Midlands accent.

Here’s the truth in advertising….what kind of havoc would be used to kill Liberalism forever under the following:

A Paul Ryan Presidency?

A Mike Huckabee Presidency?

A Ted Cruz Presidency?

A Chris Christie Presidency?

A Mark Rubio Presidency?

If you can contemplate any of the above then you’ve been watching too much Fox News…or you’re just a suicide bomber waiting for your strap on!



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