Mideast Israel Palestinians                             The wars on Christmas are heating up.

“HAPPY HOLIDAYS’ is sacrilege…


But the hypocrisy buck doesn’t stop there over at Fox News who will make shit up even where there is no shit…

Meygn’s little calculated demographic correct mythical publicity stunt about Santa Claus being a white male has started a new war!

An even funnier more ridiculous war…


Fanatical white Santa fans working for Fox News are flocking to Meygn’s side to “defend her right to be white and right about white Santa.”White” Santa’s around the World are joining up become MEGYN’s foot soldiers.

Some Santa’s are even saying they will only take orders for toys if kids swear they believe Santa is white.

Charter schools across the United States are rumored to have been given special text books explaining to traumatized kids that their idol..(the fat guy in the red suit) is as white as his long white beard and the white piping on his costume.

Fox News declaring war on things doesn’t end here however.

Fox News has sent an emissary to the VATICAN to tell Pope Francis that unless he shuts the  %#$*  about greedy capitalists Fox News will declare:


This kind of war however pits God’s physical representative on the planet to many people against Roger Ailes.

Roger is a brilliant propagandist but hardly in the same category as a Supreme Being…although who knows about Roger’s real thoughts about himself

The outcome of this war might be to see who has the biggest lighting bolts.!

What other Fox News wars are we in for?

Who knows?

One thing is for sure war never really solves anything in the long run however great it might be for the Fox News 34 to 80 male demographic.


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