While chortling over the gun legislation defeat the REPUBLICAN “PUTZ” PARTY  might do well to be aware of the entire American thinking public waiting for them at the 2014 pass…

While pontificating about the abortion issues, the Social Security thing and becoming entrenched in the immigration downgrading game, they might also be missing the rising tide of a totally angry public about to kick their sorry bigoted asses back into the dung heaps from which they came.


The senate vote ,which is in direct conflict with at least 80% of all Americans , will come back to haunt these lock step white guys and their DEMOCRATIC gun lickers cohorts…

The 46 NRA sock puppets the one’s ,with La Pierre’s fist up their anal tracts with the added benefit of  their KY Jelly dollar packages, will suffer the slings and arrows of outrageously being thrown out of office.

“DAMN THE 46” ..A Bumper sticker with meaning will soon be appearing on the rear of most the cars of caring people across the country.

White GOP influence on modern America has been dealt an unwitting death knell by the cowardice and belligerence of the last of the breed of recalcitrant dumb assed narrow-minded politicians..

Anything that makes Ted Nugent happy sucks!


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