There are those monumental moments you will always remember..those moments when you  remember where you were at the time they happened.

When Kennedy was assassinated I was standing in the lobby of the Canadian Broadcasting Company’s accounting offices waiting to pick up my pay check.

When the planes hit the Twin Towers I was standing in front of my television in my house in the Santa Ynez Valley.

I believe that last year sitting quietly with my wife and surrounded my rescued animals ..will be another one of those watershed memorable moments that will stay indelibly in my soul.

As First Lady Michelle was introduced by a mother whose entire family of kids serve in the military… the magic was in the room.  Her eloquence has always been there but this speech was more that just that.

It was calm and deliberate and human and loving. It was spirited and humorous. It was not jingoistic and on the surface was inclusive of all Americans.

That is to say all Americans apart from the people she had the ultimate class not to mention by name.

In the run up to last year’s election Michelle completely decimated Mitt and Ann Romney by making sure that everyone on the planet knew where she came from and where her husband came from… people who had to earn their ticket to success… not people born into money who didn’t have to worry a day in their lives about where their next buck was coming from.

To be able to put out this visceral hard assed ,cut to the chase, nitty-gritty message without having to resort to personal insults and name calling  last year put the nails in the Romney campaign coffin.

It was brilliant oratory and you have to marvel at “them fighting words” gracefully hidden in a soft warm and gentle seeming message. 

BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE…Michelle Obama has her Husband’s back big time and she also has America’s back and front and sides.

She is a proud mother and wife and somebody we need to continue to say her piece.

Let’s hope we keep her and her man around and we don’t turn the custody of what Michelle deeply knows is the greatness of this country to a bunch of vicious shallow hateful weaklings with only their own best interest at heart.

We have indeed come to a cross roads and one where we we’ll be making a choice of  “real evil” or “the real World” that Michelle Obama explained so clearly that she and her family live in.


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