NO WAR!!……………………..

Mideast Israel PalestiniansWe’ve had it with the trillions of dollars that has led us nowhere. Please stop fighting the Bush\Cheney disastrous wars …Thank you President Obama for staying out of Syria even when Lindsay Graham and John McCain were rattling their pathetic sables.

They are killing their own people not our people. We’ve had it!

We are not the World police…

We don’t want our tax dollars killing people anymore. We want our tax dollars to pay for food for the poorest children in this country not to drop bombs on the poorest children in another country.

What ever the Syrians are doing they are doing it to themselves..not to us.

“We the people” don’t want you to kill any more civilians anywhere…

We were wrong wrong wrong in Iraq…we brought doom to that country…we replaced a dictator with religious war…

We are mired in Afghanistan where the troops don’t even know what they’re fighting for any more….The Afghans hate the drones.. the drones kill innocents to this day.. and here we are again thinking of bombing people who are not fighting us or threatening us.

Who is fighting us…who is threatening us?

The Tea Party is our enemy and it is here and it’s telling us loud and clear…: “We’re at war with you”.. ”

We’re at war with women’s rights”…”We’re at war with voters rights”…”public schools,” “health care for the masses”…

“We’re at war with healthy food..and clean air…and art and intellect” ..

“We hate minorities and science!”..”

And we’re going to take over and make the country into a Christian Nation.”

This is the war we must fight ..we have to defeat this cruel and vicious Fascist strain making inroads into this free society..These Visigoths who speak of “freedom” but want to enslave the middle class with peasant wages and take away the rights for children to have a free education untrammeled by doctrinaire outdated hocus pocus religious shit.

“Corp o-crooks” who want complete control of the government.

We don’t need to drop bombs on these cretins…we just need to drop the votes into the ballot boxes and send the traitors back into the bigoted slime they came from.

Leave the Middle East Obama this year made this promise…


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