JUST IN!! TO RELIGION!…Nobody’s perfect….

JUST IN !!TO DONALD TRUMP…Nobody’s perfect…

JUST IN TO THE  REPUBLICAN PARTY!!… You’ve got to be kidding!!

To whom ever is in charge of finding a viable candidate for PRESIDENT in 2016 ..good luck …

There isn’t even a needed needle to find in your hay stack.

Looking over the current crop even MONSANTO pesticides couldn’t stop these losers from withering away at the vine.

For instance Christie would have shot himself in the foot if he could see it. He’s become the instant “HELL BOY” for the GOP Strategists and who’s party will now will be labeled:

“The Party who killed an Old Lady trying to get to a Hospital!”…

or “The Tony Soprano of  a Party”…

or “The Bridge Party Over Troubled Waters Party!”


“Senor potential candidate” Mark Rubio!! He’s a non exploding and wilting Cuban cigar. His baby face is complimented by his baby brain. He says things to appeal to the base…but the base needs sentences that have the words”kill black and brown people” in them, He’s trying not to be brown.

Rand Paul.!! He needs to come clean about a few things..Why does he want to put intelligent women in concentration camps?…Where is the massive new police force coming from when he outlaws social security and is that “thing” he wears on top of his head dead or just drugged and resting.?

Ted Cruz !! He seems not to understand he’s really Canadian and Americans think Canadians are dull. He tries hard not to be dull by wanting the President to attack San Francisco and annihilate gay marriage, interior decorators, unions, and anyone who doesn’t believe in Noah. Ted’ father is a born again Christian terminator who can’t return to Cuba where he keeps his collection of human heads.

Paul Ryan!! He’s attracted to the policies of allowing old people on social welfare to “not” be on social welfare. Paul’s given purpose on the planet is to hasten the passing of all grand parents and the in firmed and making sure that people out of work and can’t find a job and slowly and painfully starve to death. Paul also wants children to make their own lunches and clean the toilets in the 7 public schools he’ll allow to stay open across this great country …His one attribute is he keeps Brooks Brothers busy finding suits and matching ties for him.


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