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“PotNews again”…………….

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tumblr_lhe0efyoh51qzrblzo1_1280The 1% who now own the United States seem to be intent on destroying what they own. This in itself would appear to be counter productive and self-destructive.

If you own your own home it stands to reason that you would want make it more worthwhile with many home improvements. Employ many skilled workers to industriously put much more value on it.

This is not what’s happening to the mega trillion-dollar real estate property the richest 1%  have recently bought namely the USA.

Where, despite a Liberal Senate majority, the 1% and their political allies are still able to cripple many needed government regulations in such a way that disaster after environmental disaster takes place ….

“We need The Homeland Security Agency to protect us from our own Homeland.”

Contaminated Gulfs, Radio active oceans, Coal oil leaked poisoned rivers, Texas refinery explosions, natural disasters like ice storms and sea storm surges with insufficient response, cutting of food for already undernourished children, bank and Wall street fraud , State revenge traffic closures, lack of abortion clinics and women’s assistance programs, cutting of fire rescue and police response.

Is the 1% intent on bringing major life threatening disorganized chaos to the American people?

What is the true purpose of deregulation?

It is to maximize corporate profits at the expense of the safety and security of the people.

To treat manufacturing and industrial production in a Godlike way and to attempt to usurp the rights of  all average American’s needs. To destroy any organized opposition  that might stand in the way of their juggernaut which is  their total domination of society.

Yes these words might sound like the words of a paranoid Socialist extremist…and for those of you in the NSA reading this…they are!! 

But unlike TED NUGENT… the Progressive Left will not resort to bullets when the revolution comes..they will resort to the biggest peaceful crowds this country has ever seen. Ted will not be able to shoot them all…and they will just keep coming because they’ll have had enough…


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Last night I woke up screaming… in a dream I’d been outsourced! I was sitting in a small office in Calcutta with a bunch of Indian writers in turbans and I was writing episodes of a “SAVE BY THE BELL” revival series.

I was seeing imaginary red dots before my eyes but then I realized they were real red dots on the foreheads of the script assistants.

The Indian writers were writing story lines about the first American Muslim President visiting the school and the girls not being allowed to wear jeans with their sari.

At the same time we all had banks of phones and were sales clerks taking orders for electronics, furniture, theater tickets, female hygiene items, dog food, baby adoptions and pizza deliveries.

I thought I hated speaking to sales reps from weird foreign countries with weird foreign accents trying to sound American and screwing up my orders until in my dream I was one of them.

Poor bastards…we worked our asses and our turbans off…

However I was living in a one bedroom hovel with six other Indians…luckily in my dream they were six of Bollywood’s sexiest dancing stars …that’s why I’m  trying to go back to sleep….



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Sooner or later smart people knew that the Right would use everything in their power to weaken Hillary Clinton’s apparent lock on the White House in 2015.

We have often wondered how the Bill Clinton sexual escapades hadn’t been used against Hillary before now.

This has ALWAYS been fair game don’t you think?

Simply put Bill Clinton usurped his marriage , his power and reputation and the office of the Presidency. He did this by having an intern give him a blow job in the White House. This is one seething Bill incident  and it probably happened a great deal but Bill got caught on this one and then lied about it.

People were waiting for Hillary to tell him to take a long walk off a short pier. Instead she stood by her Big Dog.

Arguably the impeachment process and Clinton’s basic lies so angered many people who voted and trusted him that it probably lost Al Gore the election along with bastard Supreme Court’s  traitorous betrayal.

This penis out of pants moment started this country on its downward economic spiral with the BUSH/CHENEY WAR FIRST FASCISTS.

Now possibly the worst Clinton nightmare is about to begin.

RAND PAUL is that nightmare. His strategy is a straight forward statement of the facts. Bill Clinton cannot be trusted and so Hillary cannot be trusted. Bill will be back in the White House again and this will be morally wrong.

RAND PAUL obviously is having visions of grandeur of running for President and his tack is to make women despise Hillary for cynically staying with an adulterers husband  because of his power and his fund-raising capacity because she was always going to run for the PRESIDENCY.

She is… in RAND PAUL’S view …not fit to run a country when she couldn’t run a marriage.

If he pounds on this sex weapon theme hard enough it will do one of two things.

It might totally alienate him even more from women voters and Progressives who don’t give a shit about classless unproductive scandal mongering

It might give Paul the South and the moralists in the rest of the country by casting doubt on her strength of character.

It’s a smart move to use Bill’s dick against them. It’s been the ten foot Gorilla in the room all these years … How Hillary dodges this bullet will be interesting to see.

Rand Paul will never be PRESIDENT but he could cause a shit storm of a problem for Hillary.

imagesCAANTHFXBill’s name has been recently connected with Lady Gaga as she will be wearing a copy of  Monica’s blue “love stained”dress and Poodle ears to a DEMOCRATIC fund raiser to show people the humor in trying to pin “a small sexual indiscretion on a Big Dog !”


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When REPUBLICANS perceive they’re losing political ground on key Democratic legislation they resort to just out-and-out blatant and totally cynical lying. It’s so unbelievably obvious to anyone with a brain and it proves one simple truth..

The GOP leadership must really hold their core voter in low esteem. They think they’ll  believe any ludicrous bullshit they’re told without fact checking a goddamn thing. The Republican strategists will appeal to the lowest common denominator to win. What does that say to how they’d run things if controlling the entire government?

Like John Boehner telling the media ” We can’t pass immigration reform because we can’t trust Obama to carry it out!” Heh ? What flaming Hungarian logic is there in that statement John?”  Get a life !!!  You don’t want immigration reform in an election year as it will give Obama a victory! That’s the logic…

THE FACT THAT IMMIGRATION REFORM IS A VICTORY FOR AMERICA is the farthest thought from the minds of these traitorous lying bastards. Keeping their jobs and their government pensions by appealing to their ignorant scared white less racist base is their idea of victory.

But we know this…

The list of lies is endless….THE TOTALLY WRONG interpretation of the latest job’s numbers, blaming Obamacare for the loss of 20,000 jobs…

Darrel Issa’s weekly fabrications …

CATHY “Rebuttal” ROGERS ethic’s violation probe after her fabrication of a woman losing her insurance due to Obama-care which was a total made up subterfuge.

Then there’s Fox News the  24/7 Goebbels Tribute network…a bunch of FASCIST horse crap!Fox News where this  week Hannity actually accused MSNBC of having a one-sided Liberal  bias…

Roger Ailes  must’ve inflated Sean’ balls before allowing him to let that come out of his crooked little slimy mouth.

The GOP “black art” of lying and will get worse as November approaches and as the Red tide of creative corporate subversion oozes its way back thru it’s other mainstream media spokespersons.

Like DAVID GREGORY the shrill shill of the Koch Brothers and Candy Crowley who hasn’t seen a right wing talking point innuendo she doesn’t like.

How about Wolf Blitzer who tries hard to hide his bias but it keeps getting out of his pants.

Big time lies worked for the Third Reich in the 1930’s up to the point where they arrogantly overstepped their mark and had the complete shit bombed out of them. They had their cities destroyed and their government either executed or jailed for life.

And thereby lays a cautionary tale for you lying SOB’s… if you don’t fight fair you may win a few battles but in the long run you’ll wind up in a bunker with a cyanide pill… a dead girlfriend and a can of gasoline.