alice25aThe full surreal atmosphere of the State of the Union Speeches can be summed up by calling them the “STANDING UP and SITTING DOWN shows.” Where was the Queen of Hearts and her entourage when you needed her?

Aliens coming to Earth for the first time and landing in the middle of the SOTU would probably take a few videos of this mass of “strange human units” and then hightail it outta here thinking :”What are all these idiots doing..is it some kind of a ritualistic dance of death without any music and bad lighting?

As they blasted off for a trip to a saner planet the dialogue might be:

ALIEN #1 Strange and really unproductive lot…definitely too far gone to have them listen to any basic common sense about the melting ice caps.

ALIEN #2 Not worth helping them in saving their puny little planet from slowly destroying itself  like we were going to do…and who was that unit with the orange tint and the beer breath?

ALIEN #3 …Yeah and what about that female being that came on their TV after the “standing up and sitting down thing?” It appeared to be making a speech about absolutely nothing substantial with no answers to any problems and then it just stopped.

ALIEN #1 I’m still scratching my heads on that one.



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