Mitt Romney as PRESIDENT…in a crisis such as a Sandy Storm…


On the phone: (PAUL RYAN)

“Hello is that you Paul..what am I gonna do…?….What you don’t know…but Paul you looked like you really knew what you were talking about…you mean you don’t know anything about how to make the government work in a disaster?..


On the phone (KARL ROVE)

Hello Karl..what am I supposed to do..all the Bush people you sent me are like a bunch of girlie men now the storm has hit..?  What?…You’re in Monaco..what are you doing there…okay its sunny…but what about me..Ann is in the other room hitting the maid…she’s gone of her rocker…the stables are taking on water…


On the phone: (TRUMP TOWER)

Donald is that you…no I won’t come on Celebrity Apprentice The Golden Years…what can I do about this storm thingy?…hello Donald…SOB hung up on me ..I’m the  President…..I don’t get no respect…


On the phone:

Is that you Angel Moroni??


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