Bernie Sanders said the obvious last week THE SUNDAY TALK SHOWS SUCK!He didn’t use these coarse words to make the point we did…Bernie’s point is the most important problem of our times is being ignored.

Climate Disaster!

The death of the planet by the strangulation of its resources and the sucking of its atmosphere by big business and the unrelenting industrial thoughtless waste and fast destruction of  our environment.

This mega problem is not seriously discuss at length or not even included for review by the TV media corpo-shills and pill heads who run the (right wing crowded) festival’s of soft ball questions and evasive and inane answers.

Questions that should put to the lopsided, leaning over backwards to appease big business, panels and their paid under the table Koch Brother’s political guests. 

Bernie’s important and timely Global warming criticism of “Sunday Talk Infestation” is unfortunately the tip of the melting iceberg of  the main stream media’s attitude towards The Left.

The installing of the same amount of regular knowledgeable progressives on any of their shows will not happen.If they still think John McCain should be called upon as the voice of the people we can probably gauge where their collective heads are at.

Discussing in-depth America’s middle class social issues seems almost exclusively to come down on the side of the REPUBLICAN point of view.

This of course excludes Fox News, the official voice of “Mien Kampf” in the United States which along with Chris Christie is a just a “Bridge Too Far!”

Are the millions of thinking people fooled by this decade long attempt to improve the already highly efficient power base of  “The United Corporate States of America?”

Not really !

We somehow have our first black President reelected and we have a Liberal SENATE MAJORITY.

The country is succeeding despite this onslaught of one-sided Goebbels type propaganda. In fact “MEET THE PRESS” is dying on the rating vine of the swine presence of the slimy David Gregory “The Man who Dances with Roves!”

Gregory so does not speak for the people…he speaks with a forked Koch Brothers tongue with some not so thinly veiled FASCIST innuendo. “You can fool me once”….but don’t try to do every freaking Sunday!

The press is not the free press anymore…

It is controlled by the business that created the words: “brought to you by”…and by:”And now a word from our sponsors”..It never used to bite the hand that fed it so blatantly .. It used to have some integrity and some dignity for the reporting of the truth. The new breed of 1% greed that has devoured the America we used to love now rules with an unrelenting thrust towards domination of our basic rights to hear all sides of all arguments in an unbiased way.

Only a brave few …mostly from the comedy world …and MSNBC …keep the portals of this reality open and you know they can be snuffed out by the writing of a check.

“Power to the people!”..They still have the answers in the long run.

Can they make a comeback before we run out of air?

Wisconsin Budget


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