As the economy improves and Americans become more aware of Obama’s toughness and resilience in dealing with their lives and their problems..the GOP cannot come after him on the economy…so they’ve shifted gears the penis and the or straight.

The rest of the adult world if you asked them say that Obama is doing a pretty good job under ridiculously difficult conditions.

They look at the GOP in this country like they are a bunch of women hating gay baiting old-fashioned fogies from past eras long gone!!

What happened to the way the GOP will fix the nation’s economic woes?

No!!! We don’t hear about that at all.. we hear that putting condoms on the penis is a “religious crime”.. and that woman must allow the State Virginia government to stick painful steel tubes up women’s vaginas to prevent them from aborting unwanted children.

Admittedly this kind of thing might provide some jobs for people whom they will need to stick objects things up women’s vaginas and to police the perverts using condoms so they can have “sex for pleasure”…but where are the new business jobs ideas?

Sorry folks but this is becoming so utterly preposterous as to make you want to secede from reality and become a Buddhist priest.



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