Wildcard Woman!

Join-Warren              SHE MADE IT …And now could she make it even further?

YES… YES… YES….we know Hillary is the man…er..woman ..for the job in 2016 …but here’s another way go..Elizabeth Warren! She’s in many progressives opinions the only politicians at the moment not in the grip of corporate power.

In fact she’s the only elected official who is a genuine one of a kind reformer. She’s like such an anomaly in Washington. She’s openly hostile to banks and large Wall street cartels.

She strikes fear and loathing in the hearts  and minds of the Paul Ryan “let’s kill social programs” gang. She is an unrelenting champion of the middle class and seems to be corruption free.

She’s using her new-found power influence in WASHINGTON to promote her strong and meaningful ideas for a new form of progressive and fair national government for the people.

It seems that her message is one of let’s get the big corporations out of big government so it can return to running the business of the people.

Some of us don’t know whether Hillary …who is a long time effective player in the middle… has all of the above attributes as well placed and meaningful in he system as Elizabeth does.

“Billy Big Dog” is still a formidable Liberal but also embraced that thin blue/red line of keeping the centrist right in sight when needed And Mrs Bill /Hill comes from that school also.

Perhaps that is the only way to get elected today.

The current REPUBLICAN party cannot and will not be trusted by the majority of American from the big enlightened cities.This is where 2016 will be won and lost.

These cities are trending progressive as the demographics skew younger and more ethnically and gender balanced.

These cities will take a good hard look at Hillary….they will like what they see much more than any of the current clown princes the Koch Brothers will finance and field.

So how could Elizabeth become the “wildcard woman”?

In politics you never know what tomorrow will bring.

There is one thing for sure Elizabeth Warren is the hope for tomorrow as the rest of the current runners are either stuck in today or yesterday or even as far back as the Civil War.

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