The people who are now crying FOUL on the Iran peace accord cannot reconcile themselves to even the beginnings of diplomacy they want conflict…bloody if possible.

So who are these people?

The military industrial political complex…

Having “perceived enemies” they thrive ..they grow… they sell nasty armament stuff and they keep millions of people angry and frightened.

Is America angry and frightened?… You betcha some of it is!! …This is why the MIC loves to the plant the idea in these dumb bell millions minds that we have a “Socialist Muslim” President.

It has a nice scary ring to it!

This has worked for them in a big way. Millions of idiots think this is a fact.. They are angry, they are frightened and they would love to see this country bomb the shit out of Iran…and possibly the Obama family.

They are in the minority …but they are not going to change their minds if the right wing press has anything to say about it…and they have plenty to say about it…and they recruit pliable news frauds and fools to do their dirty wrong worded work for them.

Don’t doubt however that the MIC is running scared…

Why?..Because the smart black guy has found some ways to change things around a little…He’s making the insurance companies “sweat premiums” and they hate him..They want the health care reform to “fail fail fail!” …

They will do anything to make this happen…Big business wants the status quo…this is what they can deal with domestically and internationally.

They RULE only with their rules in place.

**RULE#1…Keep the lowly working peasants poor and reliant on corporations for their big brother meager monetary protection. Don’t give them any right to bargain or seem equal in any way.

**RULE#2 ..Make sure they’ve got something to be really scared about..if it isn’t a SOVIET COMMUNIST anymore…make it a MIDDLE EASTERN terrorist..better still make it a dreaded anti- Christian Muslim terrorist..and add the PRESIDENT an accomplice.

When Obama begins to whittle away at their “rules” they really really don’t like this..Hence the worst most virulent press campaign against both social change in the US and PEACEFUL transition in the Middle East.

Some of us can see this as clearly as we suspect we can see David Gregory’s pockets filling up with Koch Brothers bribery cash…

But the millions of duped fools living and voting for the very people who will send their sons and daughters off to another senseless war JUST DON’T GET IT…. and they sadly never will.

They will always be the cannot fodder for the 1% …

It was that way with the British Empire…with the Nazi’s with the Communists with the Iraqis and the Iranians…and with the US in Vietnam…

The SERFDOM die for the perpetuation of the 1%..It appears they will never learn…

MEANWHILE ….Support our troops…stop the wars.



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