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We need to talk…There’s this missing plane and the MSM is obsessed in finding it. There are endless reports on where the hell it may be and how it got to be there. But there is basically nothing to report. It has caught the public’s attention and so they watch this parade of nothing hoping it will become something. News people are flying model planes, sitting in simulators and Lindsay Graham is blaming Obama.

Meanwhile the secondary story of the day is possibly World War Three! Pimped up pumped up Neo-Napoleon Putin is flexing his military might by annexing countries with tanks and guns and threats of nuclear retaliation.

Obama is being called weak by the “scared of the European economy” little Russian mini Tzar.

Obama is not weak..he may not be perfect…but are you?…but Obama is not weak.

Obama is COOL..

This is fortunately what we need here right now. Imagine as Bill Maher did last week if wed’e have had a President McCain or a President Romney at this volatile moment in time?

Russian propaganda is threatening to ‘turn America into an ash heap.”

To some this might sound like a boasting of Russian power and strength. To others, who might look past the rhetoric to the truth, it will appear as bluster and fear of World economic reprisals. There are many who are saying Russian doesn’t seem to care about World opinion. This is patently not true Putin cares desperately about World opinion he just spent billions of rubles on an Olympic Games to garner just that and then in a moment of monumental muscular miscalculation he squandered his place in history on the World’s scene by invading a sovereign nation rather than trying to negotiate a diplomatic pathway to a separate state in Crimea.

He broke treaties his country signed and Russia became an overnight rogue state.

The President of the United States must now preside over a World in fear of war while fighting an internal war of his own from a traitorous and obstructionist right wing ,who while pretending to be Americans , are really somehow wanting to see him fail in protecting his country.

This is their country too but it appears they would rather see a Russian victory in Europe than an Obama victory for all the American people here. The question being how did we get to this point in history where in a time of potential nuclear attack from a belligerent enemy millions of citizens want to see their President fail…its just too preposterous to fathom.


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Witches Brewer.

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“PotNews again”…………….

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tumblr_lhe0efyoh51qzrblzo1_1280The 1% who now own the United States seem to be intent on destroying what they own. This in itself would appear to be counter productive and self-destructive.

If you own your own home it stands to reason that you would want make it more worthwhile with many home improvements. Employ many skilled workers to industriously put much more value on it.

This is not what’s happening to the mega trillion-dollar real estate property the richest 1%  have recently bought namely the USA.

Where, despite a Liberal Senate majority, the 1% and their political allies are still able to cripple many needed government regulations in such a way that disaster after environmental disaster takes place ….

“We need The Homeland Security Agency to protect us from our own Homeland.”

Contaminated Gulfs, Radio active oceans, Coal oil leaked poisoned rivers, Texas refinery explosions, natural disasters like ice storms and sea storm surges with insufficient response, cutting of food for already undernourished children, bank and Wall street fraud , State revenge traffic closures, lack of abortion clinics and women’s assistance programs, cutting of fire rescue and police response.

Is the 1% intent on bringing major life threatening disorganized chaos to the American people?

What is the true purpose of deregulation?

It is to maximize corporate profits at the expense of the safety and security of the people.

To treat manufacturing and industrial production in a Godlike way and to attempt to usurp the rights of  all average American’s needs. To destroy any organized opposition  that might stand in the way of their juggernaut which is  their total domination of society.

Yes these words might sound like the words of a paranoid Socialist extremist…and for those of you in the NSA reading this…they are!! 

But unlike TED NUGENT… the Progressive Left will not resort to bullets when the revolution comes..they will resort to the biggest peaceful crowds this country has ever seen. Ted will not be able to shoot them all…and they will just keep coming because they’ll have had enough…


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