When Move On.org couldn’t deliver their 240,000,000 signatures to Mayor Bloomberg’s office asking him to backdown from the bogus park cleaning thing …they found him having dinner and socked it to him there!

Rumor has it that he gagged on his caviar!

Finally the people have spoken in such incredibly large numbers that they have forced an “intelligence factor” to hit at least one billionaire in his survival kit!

Is this a portent of the future?

This Saturday 71 countries will hold rallies against the corruption of the banks and their collusion with their political leaders. It appears that nobody from either side of the political spectrum is excused from this angry opinion of the masses.

This is a movement that now supersedes anything envisioned  by even the most ardent revolutionaries. It is apolitical ..it is world-wide and it seemingly cannot be stopped.  It is peaceful and non violent….It is thoughtful and dedicated, it is universal however the business oriented mainstream press tries to paint it.

It s not a rabble!!

It is not the way a scared and ridiculously out of touch Bill O’Reilly describes it as “an unwashed bunch fo sex crazed dope smoking hippies”… although the 60’s were a lot of fun when we were doing that..

This is a genuine and unstoppable movement of people looking for the fairness they deserve in trying to make a living while being subjugated to the world’s enormously powerful money hoarding oligarchs

Let’s hope that Bloomberg’s intelligence from the money side of things can be the beginning of something that can be peacefully resolved.

But we will not hold our breath while the Fox /GOP/Rove/Koch Brothers/ Supreme Court/Christian Dominionists/ still hold most of the money and most of the power in this country while others do the same in the rest of the World.

But this is the beginning of an end that hardly anyone can predict.


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